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Making the modified Cherry Lola Treatment

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

So I am planning on some MIA for a while. Yeah sometimes we have got to put on hold certain things in order to focus on other aspects of life and that time is now for me. I will be checking in here and there but not much of the in depth topics that I normally post. Hopefully I will able to be with you more very very soon. That being said, I will leave you with this video on the modified Cherry Lola treatment that I did and applied to my hair. My hair is quite low porosity so it really liked this treatment. Some people call it a natural relaxer but after applying it only once, I cannot say it relaxed my hair. It basically allowed my hair to curl more especially at the top of my head and that is another post for another day already for when I share the video with the results which I hope to post really soon. 

As I said, I have low porosity hair so this treatment helped quite a lot to deposit moisture inside of my hair cuticle. For high porosity hair, I suggest leaving out the baking soda from the ingredients. Since this is a protein treatment with a moisturising aspect, most hair types should benefit from it. You can check out this post for the rest of the things that I did to my hair besides applying this treatment.

How to test for low porosity

You can get a shed hair or two and place it in a water glass filled with room temperature water. Make sure the hair is clean and does not have any product on it. Preferably do it after washing your hair. The hair has to be dry as well. So you gently place the hair into the water glass and leave it alone. If it is high porosity hair, it will sink immediately and if it is low porosity hair, it will take ages for it to sink to the bottom of the glass. Not to say this test is 100% accurate in determining the porosity of your hair of course but it just gives you an indication that it takes a bit more time for your hair to absorb water.

So, what this Cherry Lola treatment will do is to deliberately open up your cuticle and then deposit as much water, protein and all inside and then close it up again. If you do not have some of the ingredients listed in the official treatment recipe, you may want to watch my preparation video.

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Cheers and many blessings to you and yours.


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