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#HTL Hair challenge: First Quarter Length Check

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hey guys. I did my first quarter length check on this #HTL Hair challenge and it seems I am making progress. Yaaaaay! Very little progress though lengthwise but the thickness is coming up really well. My hair looks much healthier as well. Thanks to castor oil, garlic treatments and protective styling.

I did this length check on the 23rd of May 2014. Just could not post it much earlier and I am not even going to start on that. I might get tangled in trying to explain. But here it is. I have not changed my regimen much except discarding glycerine completely this winter and taking up some other oils like peppermint and argan oil to help with my itchy scalp. The shampoo and conditioner has stayed unchanged at Black soap and Tresseme naturals. I have also used the ORS hair mayonnaise once and I think it is a good product. I had not used it in a long time. I was so accustomed to DIY when it comes to protein treatments so buying it was not something I had done in a long time, and not sure I will do soon I don’t know. I might be too lazy to mix one day and ORS will be a good alternative to fall back on. ORS is quite pricey and if I can get the same benefits from my DIY mix, why not? It is a very good product though. As far as my scalp is concerned, I have been basing it with Natural Moisture Twist & Shine here and there. Not consistently though. I also did the LOC method when my hair had no added hair to it. Otherwise, I used my DIY hair spray most of the times to keep my hair moisturised. I have managed to go for more than a week without washing my hair which is quite a relief. This meant I managed to keep my protective styles a little bit longer while still looking close to neat than scruffy.

Going forward, I am going to keep my hair in protective styles most of the time alternating between hair extensions for more covering up and hairstyles with my own hair. My hair is a bit difficult to deal with at the moment because it is much thicker at the root while the tips are so much thinner because of the excessive shedding I experienced last year. I am so glad it is recovering though and I can’t wait for it to be thicker the whole length of my hair like it used to be. My winter regimen will not change. I will keep things simple and basic. Deep condition or protein treat, wash, seal and keep moisturised until next wash day.

That’s all from me.

All the best to you & Yours


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