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Mother’s Day: Being A Mum To Boys!

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Don’t get me wrong. I love my boys so much. But I still miss being a mum to a little girl and somehow, my blessings didn’t come exactly packaged that way. That does not stop them from being blessings does it? The reason I miss this is because I have been blessed with several talents like, sewing, baking, hair dressing and more.  These would have been put to better use if there was always a girl around. My younger sister on the other hand is not particularly gifted in all these and guess what? She has two girls. (We always laugh about it) And that’s alright because I have them as my nieces and my creativity is mostly spent on her girls and other nieces from my husband’s family. But me being in South Africa and most of them being in Zimbabwe, Malawi and abroad, that does not help any matters because I rarely see my nieces and when I do, be guaranteed I will ask to do their hair.

Miranda3 (1024x683)

Doing my niece’s hair

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Naturals. Sisters and Daughter

And always, when I am doing their hair, I start thinking of how difficult it must be to raise a little girl. You know with boys it is quite basic besides shopping for their clothes. There just seems to be lesser options than on the girl’s side in most clothes shops. Or so I think because I am raising boys. Back to the hair. Doing my hair, already takes quite a lot of time and I can’t imagine having to do someone’s on a weekly basis. I suppose I would have to make time and get used to it hey. Either way, I salute you ladies with baby girls especially those who have not succumbed to the relaxer to make managing their child’s hair less time intensive.

672a5c7e6d6f6c5ce6b5a5482eec4843Of course I also salute you mothers raising boys like me.

I salute all mothers who are real mums to their little ones.

A boy or a girl is a child and a blessing. Always.


Here is to a happy mother’s day to all mothers.



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