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Swimming With Natural Hair: What To Do

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I went to the coast for a break this past weekend and I really enjoyed myself. However, before leaving Johannesburg, I knew I wanted to get wet in the ocean. I have not swam in a long time but this time, it was going to be an exception. I wanted to feel the ocean waves and just be in the water. “So what am I going to do with my hair?” was next on my mind and this almost blew my bubble. Being on holiday, a very short one as it may, I also needed to look good for dinner in the evenings while enjoying the ocean during the day. I did my research on my options and what I needed to do and this is what I found out and did as prescribed.

Step one

Chunky twist hair and tie it up into a bun so that it fits into swimming cap and if not using a swimming cap, tying it up also removes hair from your face and prevents it from untwisting in the water.

Step two

Wear swimming cap and splash away in the water. If not using a swimming cap, no worries. Go ahead and enjoy your swim.

Step three

Soon after swimming, co-wash or shampoo hair to remove the salty water or chlorine water from your hair. Since your hair is in twists already, this should not take time. If you used a swimming cap, this step may not be necessary but if water slipped into the cap, wash hair as well soon after swimming. For those who swim competitively, I suggest you use a swimming cap so that you avoid washing hair every time you swim.

Step four

Complete your wash-day routine as usual

We swam on Saturday morning so after washing my hair, I put it into about 12 twists in the afternoon and thought I would remove them in the evening. However, when it was time to go out for dinner, I had neither the energy nor the willpower to remove them and wear a twist-out. I was so tired from swimming and my twists were looking good as well so I worked out an up-do on them and bang, I was all ready for dinner.

Are you a natural who loves swimming? What do you do with your hair? Some tips please for those who may want to go splashing in water this summer.

As always, be blessed

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Rosslyne Jonah 14 November 2013 - 10:28

where do you buy the avocado butter and the shea butter here in jo burg

Ruth Mafupa 14 November 2013 - 10:33

Hi Rosslyne. You can order online on http://www.natmoisture.co.za

Rosslyne Jonah 14 November 2013 - 10:29

please share

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