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Creating A Hair Regimen

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Consistency is the key to success whether you are studying, trying to lose weight by exercising or eating healthier. Doing the same thing regularly will get you to your goal much quicker than being all over the place and not knowing where you started, what you are doing and not clear on what you want achieve. The same applies to caring for our hair. One also needs to be consistent with methods that work to get good looking healthy hair that really grows.

I must confess, I am not that good at being consistent as my product junkie self always wants to try a new product time and again, which is not good. I do have my staples though which I know my hair loves and cannot live without. Creating a good hair regimen allows you to be consistent with your hair and not to neglect a need it may have like a protein treatment or a proper clarifying shampoo wash to get rid of build-up. All hair is different and what works for one person may not work for the next so you need to work out what works for your hair. It is also on trial and error basis and keeping what your hair likes and discarding the rest. So below is a guideline to get you started in creating a hair regimen.

Wash day routine

Whether you are a co-wash kinda girl or you use shampoo, you need to have a wash day routine that is kind to your hair. Detangling for those with longer hair is essential, a pre-poo before lathering that shampoo all over your head is also beneficial and sealing the mositure in after the wash is even more important. I use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 4 Hair as a pre-poo treatment, bag it for about 30 minutes, rinse out and  then shampoo my hair concentrating on the scalp with Tresemme Naturals’ Shampoo. After that I condition my hair with Tresemme Naturals’ conditioner and detangle my hair while rinsing it out. I then apply a home-made live-in conditioner from the Kimmaytube live-in conditioner recipe which I have tweaked a bit to suit what I can get locally. I apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 Hair and then Shea Butter Twist & Shine, chunky braid or twist hair and allow to air dry. This works for me so far. You will need to come up with what will work for your hair. And by the way, I co-wash my hair weekly and use shampoo about once a month or when I feel my hair needs a shampoo wash.

Moisturising regimen

You have heard me say time and again that our hair needs a lot of moisture. Well, I can never over emphasize on that. Throughout the week, your hair may need a moisture top-up. A good moisturising spray should do the job. Find one that is water based and has the ingredients that your hair loves. DIY is what I rely on. My spritzer has 70% water, 10% Avocado Oil, another 10% Jamaican Black Castor oil, 10% Grapeseed Oil, a few drops of Rosemary oil and a bit of glycerin. Keeping the glycerin at a minimum has helps to keep my hair moisturised while not having to deal with frizzy hair.Together this team helps to keep my stresses moisturised throughout the week until next wash day.  I moisturize at least once a day and sometimes twice or more. On times when I have more times on my hands, I do the L.O.C (Liquid, Oil, Cream) method by spritzing my hair with water, and then applying my DIY leave-in conditioner, applying Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4 Hair then ending up with a cream, shea butter Twist & Shine from www.natmoisture.co.za

Styling Routine

This will take into consideration your lifestyle, the length and amount of hair you have on your head. If your hair is still short, you can pull off wash and goes easily. If your hair is longer, you need to come up with a routine that works for your hair, has low manipulation needs and is kind to your strands. You also need to find products to use to style your hair like the creams and gels that help you to achieve the look you want. You need to find good brushes and combs and things like flexi rods, rollers, blow dryers and flat-irons for those who use heat of which a good heat protectant will come in handy to wade off heat damage. I wear my hair in twist-outs most of the time and although I have flexi-rods and rollers, I never really get to use them that much because twisting my hair seems like the fastest and easiest thing to do. Once my hair is stretched, I can style it anyway I want depending on where I will be and doing for the day. When my hair is not out, I often have it in mini twists which I try and keep in for about four weeks. Styles that protect my hair whilst being able to enjoy it is what I go for.

Our hair is fragile and handling with care helps much more than any product you can ever find or any styling tool. Wrapping your hair with a satin/silk scarf at night, or wearing a bonnet and/or sleeping on a satin pillow-case helps to protect your hair from excessive dryness and hair breakage from rubbing on cotton.

I hope this helps. The idea is to keep it simple and being consistent in what you do so that you can track the progress your hair makes and leave the products and methods that do not promote the health of your hair. This is only a guideline to help you get started on coming up with a hair regimen that agrees to what grows on your head.

Ladies, what does your hair regimen include and how did you build it. Your thoughts may inspire or help someone in need. Please share.

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AfroDiva Nally 5 November 2013 - 06:02

For me, my regimen has changed over the years as s result of length and experience. My regimen is now very simple deep condition, shampoo which am replacing with co washing, moisturising and styling. Viola. Great article! !!!

Ruth Mafupa 5 November 2013 - 06:18

Yeah. experience is the best teacher of knowing what works on your hair. Thanks Nally for sharing.

master hair detanglers 23 December 2013 - 00:38

Nice, but the best way to remove and detangle matted hair, knots and tangles is by using the Take Down Remover cream. It really softens the hair and prevents breakage with detangling your hair.

✿ Melissa K. 18 March 2014 - 13:40

please where do you buy your tresemme naturals in south africa?

Ruth Mafupa 19 March 2014 - 04:40

Hi Melissa K. You can find Tresseme Naturals in big supermarkets like pick n pay and checkers. Dischem and Clicks also stock it all the time

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