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Natural Hair Haters, are they?

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Do natural hair haters really exist?  I dare not say “haters” because it has never crossed my mind that ALL the people who are negative towards natural hair are actually haters. I believe most are just ignorant of the many facts surrounding natural African hair and its care to bring out its full glory to say the least.

I have been natural most of my adult life with a couple of years wearing relaxed hair. I remember at one time, a work mate and friend was not comfortable with my big hair thing and thought of letting me know. Not to mention that her hair was over processed and for the time I had known hair, did not seem to improve at all and looked sickly. She advised me to get a relaxer to “tame” my “wild” hair which I laughed off and told her she will have to get used to my hair the way it was. Now I do not call such a person a hater but someone who simply does not understand African textured hair though she is of African origin.

What about relaxed hair haters? I have read quite a number of blog posts of relaxed heads complaining that natural heads think they are all uncomfortable with being African. This may be true for some but I am not one to generalize since I was relaxed myself and did not think I was any less black because of straight hair. Expressing oneself in fullness is appreciated but everyone has a different way of expressing their selves. We are so different in our perspective towards life as much as we look different physically. What you see as beauty may not be so beautiful in my eyes and please do not force me to see things through your eyes because I do have my own set and mine may see it differently.

I have natural hair and I love it to bits. I also believe natural hair is beautiful no matter the texture, length as long as it is healthy and allowed to be what it is, African kinky hair. I believe it makes part of the real me. What you see is what you get. No surprises!! My hair is tightly coiled and I try my best not to force it to be straight because that is not what it is. I however do not think straight heads are less African or black than I am because I do not know why they wear their hair straight and I am not in the habit of asking either. When my opinion is requested, I will try my best to encourage anyone and everyone to try going natural but I never force it on anyone, it’s a choice one has to make.

To each her own, life has to go on.


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