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Brushed Out Hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I love big hair

Today I decided to brush out my hair to de-tangle instead of just finger de-tangling. I am supposed to do an overnight oil treatment so I had to de-tangle anyway. I had not used a de-tangling brush ever in my life before today so I did not know what to expect. I started off with a small section and let me say the way the brush separated my strands was awesome. De-tangling was much easier and quicker than using a comb and more thorough too. My hair was in twists so it was a little stretched. When I was undoing  the twists section by section, I would dab the section with coconut oil, finger de-tangle then use the brush. I did not feel as if my hair was being pulled by the brushing so I don’t think I had much breakage. I think my hair is 4b/c type.

This is how my hair looked.

All tied in a bun

Partially pinned hair

Brushed out hair

Brushed out hair

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Zambian Sibongile A. 21 June 2013 - 17:42

does a de-tangling brush differ from an ordinary brush? What is it made from? Bristles or plastic or something else?

Ruth Mafupa 23 June 2013 - 17:21

I am sure they differ. Some brushes are not kind to our texture and may cause a lot of damage. Brushes also differ depending on what ou want to achieve with them. The brush I used is a soft brush and the bristles are a mixture of natural bristles and nylon giving a porcupine effect like the denman brush in this link. I however did not use a denman brush. I just included this picture from the internet so that you can see. I will try and do a tutorial on how I brush my hair and the products I use. Much love

Luyanda 16 July 2013 - 08:35

can you please take a picture of the brush that you used

Ruth Mafupa 16 July 2013 - 09:05

will do so and may make a video of how I do it so you can see. May be brushing my hair soon I don’t know. I usually do it once a year so far so will see.

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