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2017 Hair Update + Length Check

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hey hey! I hope you are well. As per tradition, I normally do a hair update every beginning of the year, normally in Jan but this year started off way too busy than I could handle and so here is my hair update.

It’s somewhat disappointing, I did not retain any length whatsoever. Remember when I did the finger detangling challenge, African Black castor oil review, I said I had not retained any length at all and it looks like throughout 2016. my hair did not do very well.

The main problem I think is the massive battle that I have been fighting against dandruff. Although it looks like I’m kind of winning right now, the battle is not won yet. You guys, the struggle is real. Those who suffer from severe dandruff know what I mean. As if the hair loss caused by dandruff is not enough, one of the medications prescribed to me by my GP has one of the side effects as hair loss. Can you imagine? So my hair shed a lot in 2016, like post partum shedding all over again when I was thinking that’s gone. N’ways, that’s life hey?

I was studying again last year and had exams in May and November. With studying comes sleepless nights. So I think lack of adequate sleep contributed as well to my hair loss until my ends are not as thick as they used to be early 2016. I’m not sure I will study this year. At least I managed to finish all the CIPS level 4 modules. So I can take some rest this year and do something else with this life. Maybe I will start studying level 5 but I don’t think I will write exams this year. No.

I straightened my hair using a blow dryer then flat ironed it for the length check. And also just to wear my hair straight for a week. I had not flat ironed my hair in just over 3 years and not flat ironing my hair didn’t seem to help my hair at all so I was like, why the fuss. I’m going to use heat anyhow. I prepared my hair for the heat though. Since the beginning of the year, I knew I was going to use heat so I preped my hair for some time so that it’s at its strongest.

On the day, I co-washed my hair using Nashe Organics, Shea-Argan Moisturising conditioner, then applied the Shea-Argan leave in conditioner before putting my hair into loose twists. I then blow dried my hair in sections, on high speed low heat until totally dry. I used Tresseme heat defense which goes up to 280 degrees Celsius before blow drying my hair. When I was done blow drying all my hair, I went ahead and flat ironed my hair in smaller sections. My flat iron was on 200 degrees Celsius and on most sections, I only passed the flat iron once on my hair. There were times though when I did more that 1 pass and I realised that in those sections, I had taken too much hair. After my hair was done, I applied the Shea-Argan hair serum and you can see in the video that my hair felt so light, flowing and was silky to the touch. I loved my flat ironed hair. I liked how it came out. I even contemplated on wearing my hair straight more often. Well, I’ll see. I don’t think I have time to be flat ironing my hair often though.

Maintaining my straight hair has been simple. Like you will see in the video, at night, I put my hair into 2 or 3 bantu knots, wear a scarf and go to bed. In the morning, I just unravel the bantu knots into big waves which straighten as the day goes, apply a bit of my Shea-Argan hair serum and wear my hair up or down. That simple.

Thank you for coming by and reading this far. Hoping you watched the video as well and showed some love. Words of encouragement… Otherwise, you know me. I’ll keep smiling and keep laughing and loving because that’s what I do best.

Cheers, God bless

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