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My Updated Regimen: 2015

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

It has been long since I updated you on my current regimen which has since changed from what I used to do back in 2014. As I learn my hair more and more and as my lifestyle changes, I tweak things as I go along so that my regimen suits my lifestyle and I do not end up neglecting my hair. I have quite a heavy schedule right now and while I like the MHM, my lifestyle does not allow for such because of time constraints. So I have come up with a routine that is kind to my hair while being done in the shortest possible time. Picking some things from the MHM and making it work for me though I minimise the gel styling as this gives me more single strand knots than I can manage.

Monthly regimen

I have set myself a monthly regimen because in the past, I noticed that, even though I intended on doing a protein treatment every month, sometimes I would neglect that and only do one after maybe three months or so. So now, to keep track, I have decided to have a set monthly routine which I am going to refer to here in weeks.

Week 1: Protein treatment. Mayo, egg yolk and Olive oil sometimes with avocado oil.

Week 2: Bagging my hair for 3 nights using the GHE.

Week 3: Light protein treatment by adding liquid aminos to my deep conditioner or clay wash.

Week 4: Bagging my hair again for 3 nights, depending on how my hair feels or whether I am in a protective style that I intend on keeping for longer or not because bagging ages my twists way faster than normal.


Wash day routine.

I also bag my hair the night before I wash my hair. I will massage my scalp with castor oil or olive oil but mainly with my DIY garlic oil. I also apply some of the oil to my hair except for garlic oil which I only use for my scalp. Wear a plastic cap and a scarf/bonnet  then go off to bed. In the morning I rinse the oil out and apply my deep conditioner by warming it up by adding hot water or in the microwave then applying to my hair and scalp. Wear a plastic cap which I will only keep on for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing out. If I am shampooing my hair, I will shampoo my hair after rinsing the oil and then deep condition. I always try to shampoo my scalp every 2 weeks so that I do not get excessive buildup on my scalp which may lead to a dandruff flareup. Otherwise I conditioner wash (co-wash) my hair all the other washes.  I rinse out the deep conditioner under the shower whilst de-tangling my hair using my fingers or a wide toothed comb depending on how much time I have and the style I am going for later with my hair. A defined twist out needs well de-tangled hair and this is only possible for me when using a comb while I can get away with finger de-tangling for other styles. After washing my hair, I wrap a T’towel on my hair or a T’shirt and then stretch my hair in some way unless I am setting it with gel. I still wash my hair once or twice a week depending on how my hair is.


Night routine.

This depends on whether my hair is loose or in twists. When loose, I moisturise it with my spritzer and then seal with Shea butter or Olive oil, re-twist it or style it for tomorrow  and then wear a satin scarf/bonnet and go to bed. I always moisturise my hair at night and not in the morning when I am wearing my hair out so that I will not have to deal with shrinkage during the day. When in twists, which I often wear in updo’s as well, I basically do the same. Moisturise at night, style it for tomorrow and then wear a satin scarf/bonnet and hit the pillow. I do however spritz my hair again in the morning and may also do it during the day depending on how dry my hair feels. Otherwise, moisturising is once a day and at the end of the day before I go to bed.

Styling routine

I love twists so most of the time my hair is in twists. I also do other forms of protective styling from short term protective styling (3 to 6 days) to long term protective styling which is 3 weeks for me and not 3 months. I wear my hair up when it is loose most of the time and in a stretched state so that I can reduce split ends and single strand knots as much as possible. I have stayed away from heat styling my hair so far this year and do not intend on using heat any time soon.ru3

Products I use

I am not going to mention any brands here. I also do not use these products all at once. It depends on what I am trying to achieve with my hair. For example, my most defined twist outs are from using coconut oil. However my hair does not feel as soft when I use coconut oil. So I may leave it out completely sometimes.

Shampoo – black soap or dandruff shampoo alternated to keep both effective on my hair.

Rinse out conditioner

DIY Protein treatment

Mud wash- Rhassoul or Bentonite clay

Leave-in conditioner

Apple cider vinegar

Oils, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil and jojoba oil.

Shea butter

To cap what I do, it is simply, cleanse, condition and seal the moisture, keeping the moisture-protein balance at check, low manipulation hairstyles and protecting my hair as much as possible. 

I hope I have covered everything and if there is something you need to know, you can ask me in comments below. I try and keep things simple though and listen to my hair and scalp as much as possible so that we do not clash and my hair does not want to be friends with me anymore

Many blessings to you and yours.

P.s have you got tickets to the Hair meet up on the 21st of March at Maboneng yet? You better. It looks like we are going to have loads of fun and did you know Klassy Kinks will be there including South African entrepreneurs in the hair industry and also Sari for change. It’s going to be a full house, 50+ attendees  and I’m sure you will not want to miss it if you are able to be in Jozi this weekend.




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