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Johannesburg Natural Hair Meet up.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


It was so refreshing to be at an event, a hair event that I did not have to be too involved in organising, all thanks to Margaret Chandia who did the running around for the event to take place. The crowd was so refreshing as well. There were a lot of new faces with sprinkles of the regular ones of course. Which is nice because you get to catch up with the now old friends and also get to make new friends. Awesome.

Our Guest speaker was Ijeoma from Klassy Kinks, a Nigerian blogger  and vlogger based in the USA. Ijeoma’s personality is just awesome. I enjoyed chatting with her and the style tips that she demonstrated were all helpful. She is easy to talk to and she was really present all the time including her mom who also came along. You know the feeling when you notice someone is just there in body but the mind is not present at all? Yeah that’s what I mean. That was not the case with her though. I could see she was there and really enjoying herself.

I was the first speaker for the day and somehow I got to speak on the basics of natural hair. As much as the older, much experienced naturals loath this topic, in a mixed crowd like we had, I had to start with the basics in order to take care of the newbies in the house. I did a knowledge test though by asking how many did not know what co-washing is. When I saw several hands go up, I knew we had to start from the very basics. I was a bit nervous at first speaking through the microphone for the SABC but I later got my composure on track.

Ijeoma was next in line and she demonstrated how to whip up cute hairstyles using hair pins and her fingers. No combs or any other accessories included. This was done on three ladies who had different lengths of hair. This was quite refreshing and easy to do hairstyles that do not require much skill to do but look cute all the same.

Charlotte from Better4Life came after Ijeoma and first she let us stand up so we could shake up a bit. I enjoyed this part as it allowed us to engage with her even more. Her holistic approach to our hair health was also interesting and indeed I needed a lot of reminding that our hair and our skin health represented our overall health. If we are not nourished well inside, it shows on our hair and skin. And that it is not just our hair health we should be concerned with but our overall health. Her statement on our health being dependent on whether we live life in a state of loving or loathing really resonated with me and I am sure I will carry that one on in this life’s journey. She emphasized the need to love oneself and to know that you are beautiful. Let me not forget to mention that she said, if you are going to have a chocolate, bring a friend along and enjoy it in the open.

Maxine Jafta a fashion guru schooled us on the importance of wearing our hair instead of depending on fake hair and also to make our hair the main feature when going out but and not so prominent when at work or in the boardroom. Incorporating formal dressing that shows we are at work and takes the attention off our hair and also to tidy our edges as much as possible and that point caused an out cry right there. I got her point though especially when she went on to say we need not look as if we just jumped out of bed. Many thought we should wear our hair anyhow so that people know and get used to it the way it is. In the end, each one was left to her own. Using gel or whatever technique to sleek edges or to just wake up and go to work. What do you think?


After Maxine, we had the panel answering questions from the floor. This was really good and interesting as not only did the panel answer questions but some experienced veteran naturals were there to help and add on.

Did I mention the many exhibitors that were present as well? Besides hair products on sale, there were accessories, saris and food. You read that right. It was really a comprehensive approach to healthy hair that looks great and complements what we wear. I was dressed by Sari for Change together with our beautiful and funny MC Karabo and Charlotte. I looked beautiful in their one arm trade mark sari. Lethabo who is the a designer and product developer, helped me to choose what would suit me and my style and also recommended what I could wear the sari with when I visited their workshop in Randburg. The other companies present as far as I can remember, did not take notes I’m afraid, were our Natural Moisture, Nubian Nature, Afro Amour, Asili, Better4Life, Earth Hair and an NGO, Rebecca’s Well with accessories.

We had much fun and the only thing I would change was the food which was not enough and the time. I really think we barely scrapped the surface of some of the issues discussed and given more time, we could have managed to go deeper. Many requested another meet up soon. Not sure how soon we can have another one but you sure can look forward to another one coming up soon. Maybe with more time, more demonstrations and a deeper dive into natural hair issues. What do you think?

Please watch the video for more pictures.

More blessings and peace to you and yours.

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