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ORS Win And Drive Finale Winners Event

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

(This is a sponsored post, courtesy of ORS™ South Africa)

Hey loves. Hope you are doing this festive season and keeping safe as much as possible. And one person who is enjoying this December with what it brought her is Prudence Tshabalala who won an Alfa Romeo Guillieta on the 10th of December 2014. Natural Sisters attended the finale award afternoon held in Midrand  and those who follow me on twitter @natsis27 got insights on what was happening as I tried to live tweet as much as I could. It was a well organised event with a lovely atmosphere. Nice food as well I must say. And the goodie bags, I love them. A nice choice of products to put in a goodie bag. We got an edge tamer, ORS signature hair spray, shampoo and conditioner with a pamphlet about how to care for our hair at home. How cool is that. This is stuff that I will not give away but will use on my hair. Will let you know how it goes. Once I got a relaxer in the goodie bag at a hair event. I did not even know what to do with it. Ended up giving it to someone although it was against my ethic. I can’t be seen giving away a relaxer and discouraging relaxers at the same time. 


Although the event was scheduled to start at 12 p.m, we only managed to start at 1 p.m. The ORS™ celebrity brand ambassador, Luthando Shosha was conducting the event as an MC. The hype was so real and I am sure, the winners who had each received an sms telling them they were one of the winners and should come to the event were all holding their breathes. Crossing fingers and praying to take the car home. They all received great prizes as well though. There were Galaxy smart phones and and ipad to be won and those are really cool prizes if you ask me. One of the attendees won a Galaxy smart phone just for being at the event. Some people are just lucky. As I was choosing a number at the reception, the number to be entered in the lucky draw, I even said it was pointless for me to enter as I had never won anything in a lucky draw. As much as I was hoping that record would be broken, it didn’t happen. next time hey. Hopefully. 

ORS brought in Award winning international hairstylist Michelle Thompson to showcase upcoming A/W hair trends at the event as well and we got to be reminded a few tricks about hair although she did not focus on natural hair at all. Being a natural, felt a bit left out. Her insights were quite interesting though especially on how much product to apply when styling hair. I am so guilty of applying too much product sometimes and I needed that reminder.

Well congratulations to all the ORS™ winners and especially to Prudence who drove away in the Grand prize. Enjoy your Alfa Romeo Guillieta my dear. And all those who did not enter this year’s ORS™ competition, make sure to eye their Facebook page for more like this in the new year.

Please read an extract of the ORS™ Win & Drive Finale ’14 Press Release

ORS Win and Drive finale

ORS™ formerly known as Organic Root Stimulator announced the winner of the ORS™ win and drive, at Bytes Conference Centre in midrand on Wednesday 10 December 2014. Prudence Tshabalala will be driving around in an Alfa Romeo Guillieta for two years courtesy of ORS™. ORS™ did not only giveaway a car but they also gave away Samsung smart phones and apple ipads. ORS™ win and drive campaign was launched in September 2014. The campaign was promoted on ORS™ social media platforms i.e. Facebook, twitter and instagram, ORS™ win and drive campaign included mall activations which were hosted by ORS™ brand ambassadors Tumi Voster and Luthando Shosha in different regions across South Africa. The campaign was an opportunity for ORS™ to reward their loyal customers and attract new customers. ORS™ philosophy is to meet the unmet need of the consumer by producing ground breaking solution based product using the finest natural ingredients; this philosophy has seen ORS™ become a leader and innovator in its category.

And some photos of course. What’s attending an event without some photos?

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Till then, have blessed holidays and a fabulous 2015



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