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The Professional Beauty Johannesburg 2014

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Being MIA for most of September meant having quite a back log of posts that I would like to share with you guys. There are events I went to and things that I have been doing to my hair. So I will be bombarding you with post after post for some time to get everything out of the way. Besides, I am in this full time now so I can really do it more. One of those events I attended is the Professional Beauty Johannesburg show which was hosted at Gallagher Convention Centre on the 31st of August to the 1st of September.

And saying it is a big, large, massive show is just not having any better word to describe it. It really is the biggest event in the beauty, nails, hair and medical aesthetics sectors combined as their invitation email stated. I had never been to such an event and I had no idea what to tell you before the event but now, my word, there was a lot to see, buy and learn from this show and I am so glad I attended. I only attended on the 1st of September though because the 31st of August was a Sunday and I had better things to do. You know what I mean.

There were two sections of the show, one being the beauty side and the other concentrating on hair. I spent most of my time on the hair section for obvious reasons but also went through the beauty section later before leaving after a good 5 hours of seeing stuff, asking questions and just admiring the how much there is to hair grooming and skin care.

One of the exhibitors that really inspired me was this salon from Tembisa. Tembisa is a large township situated to the north of Kempton Park on the East RandGautengSouth Africa. They were well organised and showed a lot of professionalism while being very friendly. I promised myself I would like to visit their salon one of these days.

There were lots of local exhibitors I must say and I even had my hair done at the show by Ruutos Hair. My hair was looking great when I left the show and I got some complements too. There were also other companies doing demonstrations and there were competitions as well. Quite a number of international exhibitors were exhibiting, both large corporates and some SME’s too. Talk of the free sample gifts, information pamphlets and all, there was just so much. Although I could not possibly use all the samples handed out even if I tried, I have tried the Moroccan Argan Oil and it is so luxuriously smooth and although I cannot say how it has benefited my hair so far, it feels so good rubbing it in my palm.

I will be doing a few reviews of the few products that I am going to be trying out that I bought or was given to try from the show so stay tuned for that. I will leave you with some pictures.

Botle Botle Beauty Salon Tembisa

Botle Botle Beauty Salon Tembisa

Chicago soaps

Chicago soaps




One of the demo's

One of the demo’s

Chatto's Chicago

Chatto’s Chicago

I will definitely look out for the next show and this time, I will let you know so that you can come too and we can have fun there together.

Many blessings to you and yours.

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