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#HTL Hair Challenge Month 2 Update

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

You know I have been on a Healthy, Thicker Longer hair challenge since the beginning of March 2014 and I have been posting weekly updates that became fortnightly and now I think once every month is more sustainable as I have other stuff to post on besides my hair escapades. So, I am going to round up April which is my second month on the #HTL hair challenge in this post and my next update will be towards the end of May 2014 with a length check as well. So far so good I can say although there are a number of frustrations and setback here and there. However, my hair is improving quite a lot and I have a lot of new growth which is much thicker and healthier. Am so excited already for how my hair will be like after 6 months or 12 months. For some background on this hair challenge, please read, #HTL Hair challenge. As I said my hair is improving and my edges are growing in as well. It kind of feels like transitioning because I am dealing with two different textures already, as in one which is massively thick and the other quite weak and fragile. Although this development brings joy to me, it has brought with it some challenges which I will discuss in a bit. I am not doing any length check this far.  I will only do at the end of May which will mark my end of month 3 on this challenge. Not sure if it is some placebo thing going on, but I do feel my hair is indeed growing thicker and longer.

Products Twist & Shine 100gI have stuck with the garlic, coconut oil scalp treatment and I now use it every second wash. This is working quite well and I will continue using it. I have also started basing my scalp. Yes, you know I am not a fan of basing the scalp but some time these past two weeks, I noticed my scalp was not just dry but was flacking badly. So I took a rat tail comb and worked on those scales  to kind of lift them off my scalp and after that, I slapped some Shea butter Twist & Shine from Natural Moisture direct onto the scalp and it really felt good. Although I am not sure whether I am dealing with psoriases, normal dandruff or scalp eczema, I thought my Shea butter would do me some good and it did. The flakes went away together with the itching so I am hooked. You know, Shea butter has some wonderful benefits to our hair and all these culprits that I am suspecting one of them is giving me a hard time, can be sorted with Shea butter. I know I have to go see a specialist for my scalp because the GPs I have seen so far just prescribe an anti-dandruff shampoo and those things don’t do much for me besides depleting my bank account. So yes I am back to basing my scalp. How long it is going to work I don’t know but I will keep you posted. If you base your scalp, the chances of having build up on the scalp are high. So, I realise I have to wash my hair often still. How often? I hope every two weeks if the scalp issue is solved. So for washing y hair, I am using the African Black Soap. It is so good to me and my hair and it does not dry out my hair at all. After washing, I am still using the LOC method to seal moisture into my hair. For conditioning, I am still using Tresseme Naturals and sometimes as a leave-in as well though I mix it with other oils to use as a leave in. The oils that I am using at the moment are, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and amla oil. Essential oil, Tea tree oil and rosemary oil.

Caring for my hair. I still listen to my hair needs and spritz, moisturise or wash it when the need arises. I put it in a protective style as well with Kinky Twist extensions some time in this last month but they only lasted for 3 weeks instead of the intended 4 to 6 weeks. My scalp was flacking and on fire from all the itch associated with dandruff. I am still going to put it into a protective style and with winter on its way, it actually feels like winter already, I have to be serious on protective styling. No jokes or else my hair will fall.

Challenges Dandruff is my biggest challenge and although I have been fighting this battle for almost a life time now because I have always had dandruff as far back as I can remember, (primary school) I am not giving up on my scalp. I will keep searching and researching for a cure or at least for some relief. The other thing, as mentioned earlier, my hair is in a state that feels like I am transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. My new growth is a lot thicker than my old hair and dealing with the much thicker hair and the finer older hair is a bit challenging especially when it comes to styling it. My  edges are giving me a hard time making them neat and presentable in any style. They are just looking untidy all the time. I have tried to use gel but it often looks untidy after day 2 already and can’t seem to lay them down my hair well. So working on that. Mini twists are a no no given the uneven hair along my edges. I also need to come up with a solution to overcome that. I love mini twists and I know I cannot stay away from them for long.

Am happy of the progress my hair is making and I am looking forward to the good times ahead.

Much love and blessings

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