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#HTL Hair Challenge Week 3 Update

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

The twists only lived to see their second week and I was done. Removed them because they were looking so untidy I don’t believe in looking all untidy and ugly just because I wear my hair natural. No ma’am. So they had to go and I took them out.

Snapshot 2 (4-7-2014 12-35 PM)I used a lot of leave-in conditioner to take my twists down because there was no chance of wearing my hair in a twist out since the twists were so small and I had them in updo’s most of the time which meant there were sections where my hair was straight. I did some finger detangling while taking them out  just to minimise on the tangles before I do a proper detangling session.

I could have used a normal conditioner to take down my twists but that could have forced me to wash my hair soon afterwards so I opted for the leave in conditioner instead, to give me slip and allow me to work through all the tangles and lessen breakage. Conditioner to take down twists or tangles really makes the task easier to do and has always worked this way for me. I have used a Bentonite clay mud wash before to take down my twists and although this was a breeze, (twists have never been easier to take down) I had to wash my hair that same day. I could not go any where with mud in my hair.

Snapshot 4 (4-7-2014 12-37 PM)When I did get to washing my hair which was two days later, I did the garlic and coconut oil scalp treatment, Rhassoul mud wash and then ended with a leave-in conditioner, chunky twists and let air dry. I passed on doing proper detangling (naturals know detangling needs a bit more time, concentration and patience) and I am paying for this by having an undefined twist out and hair that is difficult to style. I cannot even part my hair to style it. Yes, thorough detangling is next on  my list.

I have improved my water intake and stress management. Exercise is still lacking and I need to work on it.

I am very excited about this challenge and I want to give my hair the best chance to flourish this year. However, I do recognise that too much can be detrimental to its health so I will watch out for that. My hair is out at the moment and I can’t wait for my next protective style which is going to be with extensions this time.

Here is to #HTL Hair in 2014

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