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Hair Meet-up: Lunch

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I cannot believe we are almost at the end of 2013. This year passed so fast if you ask me or maybe that’s what happens as you get older. Throughout this year, one thing I wanted so much was to have an opportunity to meet other naturals for some hair talk and fun. And before we welcome 2014, I am glad the chance to meet you is here and we are having a hair meet up. Woohoo!!!

The natural hair journey is not an easy ride for most of us. Certain societal norms and standards have been set and going against these is never a walk in the park but calls for courage, resilience, perseverance and a strong will power to keep keeping on even when the going gets tough. There are so many voices that speak discouragement even from within oneself especially on bad hair days when your hair just decides to protest against you and you are feeling ugly and unkempt. It is for this that getting together as naturals is vital so that we may be stronger voices of encouragement and inspiration to cheer each other on this journey. To grow strong healthy hair is neither a competition nor trying to outwit the other but together, we can find strength in each other to keep on track. It is on this same notion that I believe meeting each other in person will help us foster friendships, share ideas, encourage each other and cheer each other on. We are social beings and we thrive on fellowship on matters that are of interest to us.

I encourage all those who can be there to come on over to Boston BBQ at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg on the Saturday of the 7th of December 2013 and have some lunch and fun with us.

Details of the Luncheon are on the poster below. There are limited seats available so if you would want to join us, email me on natsis27@gmail.com or Fatsani on fatsanib@gmail.com to reserve your seat now.

The event is open to ladies only and I am really looking forward to meeting you there!

Many blessings to you!



Hair meetup

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