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Twists As A Protective Style

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I have been wearing my hair in twists for just over three weeks now and I think it is time to remove them before those knots and ugly tangles really set in. I wash my hair once a week even when I have my hair twisted and three washes is sure recipe for matted hair and detangling is normally an uphill task to say the least. Let me confess, I am not yet decided on how I will protect my hair for winter. I may do the twists again but right now, I am quite tempted to cornrow my hair and just wrap my hair with a scarf on cold days. Not sure though if it suits my frame but I want to try that.

It is already so cold in Johannesburg right now and this place normally freezes my hair out. I am also thinking of a moisture challenge together with protective styling. Indoor heating during winter is also largely to blame for the excessive dryness of our tresses. That is the reason why I want a protective style that will allow me to still co-wash my hair at least once a week, deep condition and still look neat and tidy. My twists normally frizz out after washing them so they will not be as neat and tidy as they will be before washing. That does not bother me much though because I believe natural hair is so versatile you can even wear a flopped twist-out with no worries. I will write on protective styling specifically soon so be sure to check it out. Till then, Thanks for reading. Be blessed.







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Nya 25 April 2013 - 04:58

Your hair’s looking great..and so are you! Any hair regime suggestions for a soon to be mum who might find her new task all consuming and have little time for anything else?

Ruth Mafupa 25 April 2013 - 19:35

Thank you. For a soon to be mum, I suggest cornrows or anything that is quick to do and undo and is also low maintenance. Your hair may shed more soon after delivery so if you get your hair plaited, don’t keep the style for too long because shed hair may tangle so much resulting in too much hair matting such that to detangle may be very difficult. Try keep a style in for three weeks or less and continue to moisturise. You can also continue to take your pregnancy vitamins. Many say they assist in preventing excessive shedding of hair

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