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I flat ironed my hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Me with Straight hair

The 8th of January 2013 marked my two years post relaxer so I decided to flat iron my hair to celebrate.  I was so excited and I had already planned on flat ironing my hair since November which is like two months before the date. When the day came, I was not feeling so well but I was too excited not to do it then  so bit by bit I managed to flat iron my hair. It was quite a process let me tell. This is what I did.

  • Did an oil treatment and baggy method overnight using coconut oil
  • Shampooed my hair with Tresemme Naturals (they say it has lower sulphates on the bottle)
  • Applied Tresemme Protect conditioner with B12 and keratin and left it on my hair for an hour
  • Rinsed out the conditioner and sprayed some Kair leave-in conditioner which is said to be ph balanced and has silicon on the bottle
  • Sprayed Tresemme thermal protect to protect my hair against the heat
  • I blow dried my hair in sections using the tension method (see blow dry photos)
  • Flat ironed my hair in sections as well starting from the back using the comb chase method

Besides the process being long and tiresome, I loved how my hair felt and looked after using the flat iron. However, I am struggling with styling it. After going for almost two years without straightening my hair, I did not even know where to start from and most styles I found on Youtube were on much longer hair. I want  to keep it straight for about two weeks but I already miss my kinks and twists so will see how it goes. I am not planning on straightening my hair using any form of heat again this year because I do not want to end up with heat damage and heat is not good for our hair.

And these are the results. (Please forgive the tired eyes, I had a massive flu going on. The pictures were not edited in any form please bear with me.)

Flat ironed hair

Flat ironed hair

Flat ironed hair

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Tinashe 16 January 2013 - 14:21

hahaha! too busy noticing the hair to see your tired eyes. the more i see your hair the more i want to make mine natural too. thanks for the tips!

Ruth 17 January 2013 - 13:05

Thanks Tinashe. the pleasure is mine. I also am still learning though but the best thing I ever did for my hair is go natural and start the process of nurturing it the best I can. When you are ready for natural hair, I say go for it girl.

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