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My Clear Skin Routine | Why I Don’t Use Soap Daily

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I know I don’t do much on my skin especially on my face but I think that is when less is more rings very true. I am always asked about what I do on my skin to make sure it is clear, even and supple all the time. I don’t do much really, and below, I am sharing my routine on how I take care of my facial skin.

A bit of background, I have combination skin on my face and the rest of the body is rather dry to very dry. Since I am sharing my facial skin routine today, I will concentrate on that and will just call it it skin from this point.

Before we get in to my routine, I need to mention that, I don’t use soap daily on my skin. Why? Well, soap tends to dry out my skin, no matter which type I use. So, to maintain the natural pH and oils on my skin, I prefer to use water only. I hope that makes sense. Okay, now that we have cleared that, let’s jump into my routine.

  • I wash my face using water only twice daily, once in the morning and when I go to bed at night.
  • I always moisturise my face after washing with Shea Skin Care Face Cream from Nashe Organics.
  • In the morning, I also apply a sunscreen from Nivea to protect my skin against UV damage.
  • I soap wash my hair once a week and I usually use African black soap because it cleanses my skin thoroughly and gently exfoliates it as well.
  • I then tone my face with fresh aloe vera gel after the soap wash

Clear skin, simple routine.

That is it. That is how I wash my face. I generally do not wear makeup daily so this is my simple regimen. On days that I wear makeup, the nights are a bit different. I will share on that soonest. For now, I would love to hear from you. Do you soap wash your face daily, what products work for you?


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