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Best yarn hairstyles this winter.

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I know, yarn is not even expected to do grown up hairstyles and it’s normally relegated to Benny and Betty, a primary school hairstyle aka African threading. But with some creativity, yarn can be used to create really stylish, fit for adults hairstyles. With natural hair, creativity is not what we struggle with, not at all. And when done right, yarn hairstyles can be very good protective hairstyles and can be kept in for 3 weeks or more.

What kind of yarn can be used for hair styling? That’s the question I am asked most of the time when I do a yarn hairstyle. Well, any yarn really and any colour for that matter. I mostly use 3 ply yarn that is normally used for knitting jerseys and also Brazilian wool. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but that’s a post for another day.

I compiled these threading or yarn/wool hairstyles if you need some inspiration for your next protective style using yarn.

Simple Benny & Betty with some extensions.

Simple Benny Betty with some synthetic hair extensions. This is easy to do and the longer hair makes it more presentable and can be worn by adults and kids alike.

Faux locs using Brazilian wool. These faux locs are so light weight. The only setback is that they take long to install. Otherwise, once you have them on, you will enjoy them. Another thing, make sure not to have them made too tight.

Faux locs can also be done in different colours to express your style and personality.

Yarn twists are just amazing and I could do these over and over again. These can be done using either Brazilian wool or knitting wool. Both ways come out really great.

I have fallen in love with these long bulky Yarn twists. However, knowing yarn twists, don’t even think about washing your hair while you have these on if you still want to live. The yarn becomes so heavy when drenched in water it will literally break your neck if it’s this much. Don’t they look amazing though?

Yarn twists can be enjoyed in an assortment of colours as well. I can’t get enough of these pink ones. They look so neat and chic.

Yarn braids are also a great style choice. It’s a great protective style and can be done either long, short, think or thin.

African threading with cornrows in the front are so simple, neat and elegant. Quite a favourite of mine.

African threading can be worn easily to the office. Styled well and done in a way that brings out the face profile and the professional in you.

I love these flat twisted African threading that I saw on the Latore page, a hair salon in Pretoria. So beautiful. Can’t wait to try these. Very artistic.

The flat twisted African threading can also be done as an updo hairstyle. I love how this one from Nashe Hair Studio came out.

Another hairstyle choice using yarn is to do them with a needle. Although it may require some skill to do them, they are artistic and stay longer than cornrows on the hair. Also suitable for those with shorter hair. I have a whole playlist on my channel on how to do needle and thread cornrows and flat twists. Here is one of my latest videos.

These are just a few that I managed to include in this post. Otherwise, I have lot’s of pictures on hairstyles that I collect from Pinterest, Instagram and from Nashe Hair Studio.

Which one is your favourite yarn hairstyle? I would live to know. I am eyeing the very colourful yarn twists as my next protective style. I want to do them quite thin though because I just can’t deal with bulky hair of late.

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