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Lock Down with kids and working from home!

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

I am not complaining, no not at all. I am so blessed to have my family here with me and also to be able to work during the lock down. I would not have it any other way. Not the lock down of course, the kids and being able to work.

I wish there was no lock down at all. The lives being lost, people are sick, the anxiety all around and the impact on the economy. It’s not a joke guys. This is really hectic to another level altogether.

But there are challenges in this situation as well. I have to share the day with the whole family. Breakfast takes longer to have and getting the boys to sit and do their school work is a task and a half. Now I know. Home schooling is not my kind of gig.

Dining room turned into study centre

Having 3 boys, all in school means that, time is divided on all 3 and making sure they are making some progress on school work is important.


We are also not immune to the anxiety that is all around. Trying to stay away from the internet for continuous news updates is helping though. We only view statistics at end of day.

Some baking fun with the boys

During the day, we try and get on with our routine, well, some kind of routine we come up with, to get the work of the day done. From chores, school work, preparing meals to taking some time playing outside.

Some skipping and outdoor games

I end up doing most of my writing or editing videos at night. If I do any work during the day, it’s for a limited time only. I only look at emails and messages here and there so I can ship any orders for Natural Moisture.

Doing some sewing as well.

Having a routine with the family things has helped us big deal. And of course, I also have a lock down routine for my hair for when I am not in a long term protective style. And that is basically washing my hair every second day.

That’s right. every second day. At first, it was because I had to. My scalp was flaking like I had signed a contract to host dandruff on my scalp. The dandruff would show up soon after washing the hair. I also ended up applying a scalp moisturiser which helped a lot.

In chunky twists

It’s a scalp balm that turned out too creamy and I decided to use it as a scalp moisturiser. And guess what It is working especially if I apply it soon after I wash my hair. I then put my hair into chunky twists and that’s it until next wash day. No twist out here. I wash my hair in twists too. So, I only take them out to detangle, apply conditioner and re-twist.

Some art

I got this from a WhatsApp group and I thought it was real sound advice on working from home while home schooling the kids during this lock down period. I’m sure it could help you as well. Here are the points in short.

  • Keep a morning routine. Wake up at the same time, make breakfast at the same time, get dressed at the same time, etc. This is actually really important in general for anyone that works from home, but is also important for reminding your kids that this isn’t a weekend day but a school day.
  • If your kids have organised school activities do those first. The key, though, is to help the kids figure out how their system works, and make it clear they are responsible for finishing their assignments on their own and bearing the consequences if they don’t do their work, do it poorly.  You want to get out of the business of helping them do everything as soon as possible, which will accrue to their long-term benefit and your short-term benefit!
  • Limit screen time and go for video games than just watching TV or movies on devises. Video games engage their senses more. But, don’t beat yourself for either choice at some point you need a few hours of not being interrupted to get work done, and screens work; this situation won’t last forever.
  • Make sure you have some sort of physical activity. At least an hour of physical activity, preferably outside in the sun if possible will do the whole family a lot of good.
  • If you are fortunate to have a partner, work in shifts. For example, the husband can be responsible for the kids until lunchtime, and the wife for the afternoon and dinner. Two hours on and two hours off could work too; this is not only important for actually getting work done, but also for scheduling calls and meetings. Put the shifts in your work calendar and do your best to hold to them.

The piece is quite long and you may get it from your WhatsApp connections. Just thought to summarise the main points that I thought are really helpful.

Here is also some advice from yours truly on how to survive the lock down mentally. You do know that nothing is ever going to be business as usual when it comes to our relationships as well right? Indeed. Spending so much time with the people we live with will either be hectic or a blessing. Here is some advice to make it work, enjoy each other by respecting one another and knowing that you are actually on the same team. So, no competing against each other. You can’t win against your team mate right. When your team mate has lost, you have lost. And if it’s a win, you both win.  I hope the video helps in a way.

All the best. Stay at home. Stay positive and let’s fight the battle together. Blessings and life to you and yours.

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