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Flexi-rod Set On Flat Ironed Hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

After about 1 week of wearing my hair straight, I wanted that curly look back. How we get so set in our ways mara. So I set my hair using flexi rods in the front and kept the hair at the back in bantu knots to keep it stretched for the pinned half updo the next day.  If you haven’t read the post or seen the video of my flat iron and hair update, please click HERE.

I have not been able to record myself doing stuff at night which is when I flat ironed my hair and also put in the flexi rods because I don’t have sufficient artificial lighting (hides*). I hope that will change really soon so that I can be able to give you tutorials as well on how I do these things. Otherwise, I hope you are going to enjoy my styling tutorial and don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment on my video.

This was also a result of flat ironed hair that was kept in flat twists under a wig for a week. Seems like I hardly wore my hair straight after flat ironing it.

Much love and peace. Smile when you read this. Or laugh even. Laugh at nothing in particular even. Loving someone even if you think they don’t deserve it will do YOU a lot of good. Keep loving. God bless.

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