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A proud moment

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa
Healthy Natural hair

Healthy Natural hair

If there is one thing I am so glad about starting this blog is seeing many people and some of them close friends start to enjoy their natural hair as it flourishes in the African sun. One particular friend I spent a long time trying to convince to ditch the flat iron is Beauty. And she has a daughter whose hair she used to flat iron occasionally as well.

Beauty's little girl with natural hair

Beauty’s little girl with natural hair

We ended up reaching an ultimatum that she can go on and burn her hair to her heart’s content, but leave the little girl’s hair alone. Of course she had the same old excuses about how she will stretch it after washing and all. I told her a few tips and this she implemented. At least we were getting on the same page bit by bit. I will ask her for an interview pretty soon but just to give you an indication of where her hair is coming from, let me give you a brief of her hair story.

Call it whatever you want, but in my books, hair that is heat styled so frequently such that it loses its natural curl/coil is heat damaged hair. That was the case with my friend. When she washed her hair, it would remain so straight you would think she has a relaxer and yet she was natural. In fact as long as I can remember, her hair has always been natural but she went too heavy on the heat. her hair was so thin and limp. Some 2 years ago, she just went cold turkey and stopped the heat styling. Now look at the results. Amazing, beautiful healthy hair.b3

And this is what she told me recently,

“Even though I have always been natural, it is only now that I am enjoying being natural”

And I can never over emphasize the fact that healthy, beautiful natural hair is within reach to many sisters as long as you love your hair and not force it to look like someone else’s.

Look at this hair, just makes my work worth the while.


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Anita 25 November 2015 - 18:54

Hi sista, you are so right. I had to get to that point when I went back to being natural. It’s been 2 years and 9 months, a big chop, and 2 trim’s so far. I used to think my hair was a 4 c, maybe in color, but I realized that I have kinky tight curly hair. I love my hair now that I know my texture. I know just how to treat it better. Looking at your pictures reminded me of my pony tails when it was super long. Love your hair too. Thanks again.

Ruth Mafupa 26 November 2015 - 09:50

Only a pleasure. And I’m glad your natural hair journey is going great.

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