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Durban Hair Event. Meet our speaker, Wendy Parkies

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


Wendy Parkies blogs on Black Hair Problems and her blog moto is  I Am My Hair  that I know you will want to check out. A lot of inspiration and tips to look out for on her blog. And for the upcoming Durban Event, she will be presenting on “Protective styling the winning way” for indeed she is a queen of protective styling.

Now here is what she has to say about her hair journey.

“I am a natural hair enthusiast, and have loved hair from a very young age. Before I started my hair journey, my hair was long…but it was brittle and thin. I thought that did not matter because at least it was long, and I could tie it up in all fancy styles. But that was not ok. A lot of women suffer with thin, breaking weak hair, and don’t know what to do about it. So about three years ago, I started my hair journey after about 6 years of research.”

And what occupies her time 

“By day I am a Marketing Manager for a beauty salon in Pretoria called GlamJozi, but by night I am a TV producer. I am currently working with a few black owned brands to produce a hair show, that will serve to educate black women on a range of topics VIZ;

  • Starting and maintaining a hair regimen
  • Achieving the hair length or thickness you desire
  • The science of black hair
  • Protective styling
  • Washing and conditioning
  • Hair types and the relevance thereof and so much more.”

One more reason why you should not miss the Durban Meet Up. This well of knowledge by so many bloggers/researchers on natural hair is not to be missed if you can.  So see you there.

Buy Tickets here or email me on ruth[@]natmoisture.co.za

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