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Mamatsimela Beauty Clinic Launch

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


Was honored to be part of the official launch of Mamatsimela Beauty Clinic in Middelburg in Mpumalanga on the 18th of April. I did not manage to be present for the whole event but I thought to share my experience with you.

The main person or the owner of the beauty clinic is Johanna Madiba who is also the founder of Mamatsimela Business Consulting, which specialises in business development services and training for youth as and women. Johanna Madiba is an amazing woman with 11 years as an entrepreneur. She is also a mentor, inspirational speaker and an executive business coach among other things.

It was a well organised event and the deco, food and atmosphere were just on point. There were three speakers lined up besides Johanna and I got quite acquainted with the owner of Portia M, a skin care brand. They also had two great event coordinators which were very entertaining and had done their homework very well. I was the first to speak and this time it was because I had to drive back to Johannesburg as early as possible. I spoke on hair care in general and I also spoke about the Natural Moisture brand since Mamatsimela Beauty Clinic will be stocking the range. Unfortunately, I only managed to hear myself speak and not the other speakers since I had to leave soon after my presentation.

What disappointed me is one thing and that was the time the event was said to start and the time it actually started. The event was scheduled to start at 12 noon. I got there at 11:30 am only to find Johanna and her team doing last minute touches at the salon and not even dressed for the event yet. I had two functions to attend this particular day and according to my calculation, it was going to work out just fine as long as the first event started on time. I was supposed to leave for Johannesburg at 2 pm but the Mamatsimela Beauty Clinic Launch only started just after 2 pm after I had said I would have to leave. The guests for the event only started trickling in around 1 pm and according to Johanna, they could not start before the people arrived which is understandable but it could have helped if she was early herself or rather told me that the starting time was 12 noon for 2 then I would have known that my plan for two events was not going to work. And I refuse to accept a lack of keeping time as a black thing. It’s not a black thing. I am black but I try my best to keep time. When I am late, I am genuinely late and I could not have helped it.

That aside, I had some awesome networking time and well done to Johanna for starting a beauty clinic that focuses on black beauty and also stocks local brands. I had a look at the salon and it is just beautiful. Great layout, nicely furnished and the team is so awesome at hosting. They welcomed and treated my like a queen. They are such lovely people and would be more than willing to have my hair done by them any time. They are just all so so lovely.


Ruth Mafupa speaking at Mamatsimela Beauty Clinic Launch

Ruth Mafupa speaking at Mamatsimela Beauty Clinic Launch

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