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Flash Back… Transitioning Hairstyle

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Kind of. These are not pictures from when I was transitioning but the state of my hair right now is kind of where I was some 2 years ago when I had hit the 12 month mark in my transition.

For those who don’t know yet, I had a major set back in my hair journey and I experienced excessive shedding some time last year. I am not sure when though. You know when you are losing hair, sometimes you don’t know how serious the issue is until maybe there is hardly any hair left. Well for me, fortunately there was still a lot of hair on my head. However, as my new hair grows in, it makes my longer, older hair look kind of funny, if I allow it and I will not. So in my second transition, I remembered this hairstyle.

What can I do really when my big puff is looking like this?


So I had to gather all my longer hair and pinned it at the back with only one bobby pin so I could look a bit more normal. And these are the results.


Thank you for reading. Have you had any hair loss in your natural hair journey? How did you recover from it?

Many blessings to you and yours


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