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Garlic Treatment For Hair Loss

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

imagesSo, you may now know that garlic scalp treatment has become my new favourite and I now use it on every wash day in one form or another. Late in 2013, I noticed I had lost a lot of hair due to excessive shedding and I blamed it all on Post partum shedding and this was mainly along the nape and temple of my head. But, somehow I noticed that I was losing quite a lot of hair on my crown as well. Let me confess. I was always scratching on this spot and it is all because it felt itchy and when it is itchy you scratch right. Well that left me with a scalp that was highly inflamed and I started losing hair. Not sure if the itch was due to dandruff or just inflammation due to some other causes. So I read on numerous sites on natural remedies to treat the scalp so that I can arrest excessive hair shedding and grow healthier hair. Remember, I am on a Healthy, Thicker, Longer #HTL Hair Challenge. Garlic was the first I thought of trying out and I have been using it for about 3 months now and I can already see a lot of new growth. Garlic being the main thing I have changed in my scalp regimen, I can only attribute the new growth to it. Let me dwell more on how it works on the scalp to produce more hair.

How Garlics Stops Hair Loss And Encourages Faster Hair Growth

If you do not know already, garlic is that quite smelly food additive, a vegetable that some of us love and can add it to almost any dish or preparation including fried eggs and a fresh salad. Yes I love garlic and not just because it makes food taste great but it is medicinal as well. It is also one of the top home remedies to grow or regrow hair in the case of alopecia patients.

Here are the benefits.

  • Garlic is packed with sulphur/sulfur, a structural part of many proteins like keratin and helps in the production of collagen, strengthens hair roots and prevents pre-mature shedding *hello sulfur8 lovers*
  • Fungal infections, rather excessive dandruff is one of the main causes of hair loss both in men and women. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal and antibiotic so it attacks the fungus and bacteria that you may be hosting on your scalp giving you nasty flakes and an itchy scalp. If you can stop the itch, then you will stop the scratching which means your scalp will not be inflamed and you will not go bald or lose hair excessively.
  • There are claims that garlic can also arrest DHT which is a hormone, androgen, responsible for male pattern balding in men and sometimes in women too which is also known as Androgenic Alopecia. DHT blocks nourishment of the hair follicles and also shortens hair growth phase leading to a damaged follicle that produces thinner and weaker hair successively until there is complete balding. So if DHT is blocked from attaching to the hair follicles, no balding worries will be present.
  • Applying garlic directly to the scalp instead of just ingesting it brings nourishment direct to the hair follicles to give you healthier hair.
  • Good blood circulation around the scalp will give you better hair growth because the follicles will be well nourished. And garlic does that. It stimulates blood flow around the scalp giving your follicles as much nourishment as possible.
  • Excessive shedding comes with it scalpy patches where your scalp is so visible no matter how your hair is styled. Well here is the good news, garlic has a tendency of giving your hair a bit more volume and body which will help you have kind of a fuller head even though you will be in the know that you have been a victim of excessive shedding and you are trying to grow your hair back.
  • Garlic also helps to alleviate some skin and scalp conditions like eczema and psoriases that may be inhibiting your healthier hair goals.

I am sure you are wondering how you can include garlic in your regimen. Here are 6 ways to get the benefits of garlic work for your hair.

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Many blessings to you and yours

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