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My Afro!

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hey there. I washed my hair yesterday morning and decided not to twist it soon afterwards because I wanted to show you how my hair looks like when washed. To me this is my actual wash and go style and I did not put much product in it except my leave in conditioner and some oils to seal in the moisture and allowed it to air dry, that’s all. I really wanted to do this so that you can appreciate the kind of hair I have, my texture and yes, the shrinkage. It is as you can see proper type 4 hair. I would say type 4b/c for those who care to use the hair typing chart.

Ruth...When some people see my hair in a twist-out or braid-out, they always say yah but your hair is not 100% African, or you have good hair. Come on somebody! All hair is good hair. And, I am 100% African but I just happen to be willing to work with what God gave me, investing time into understanding what is best for my hair and doing the work required.

I love my hair like this. It just spells that “free to be me” feeling to me and I like it so much. If it were not for the single strand knots and how my hair easily tangles in this state, I would actually wear it more like this because seriously, not much time is spent doing hair to achieve this style. Did I call it a style? Oh yes I did. Yah but actually it is a style because I actually chose to wear my hair like that on this particular morning. I later did chunky braids to stretch my hair and later did medium twists as a protective style.

So till then, cheers to you all.RuthRutie

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