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Water and More Water

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Now that we know the importance of nutrition and exercise to grow healthy hair, let’s move to another aspect which is as vital. What do you reach for in order to quench your thirst? Water of course. There is nothing I believe, that can quench your thirst better than pure water with no additives in it. That cola can or coffee does not even begin to do the work. Our bodies are composed of mainly water so when we feel thirsty, the body is telling us that the levels are depreciating and the body is becoming dehydrated so there is need to replenish to increase levels.

Read my earlier post on the importance of water here though I mainly dealt with the need to apply it topically. Therefore I will not dwell on already covered material. However, I felt I needed to encourage you (and myself) once more to drink enough water because the body needs it to maintain optimum function. It will not help much to eat well and exercise everyday if your body is dehydrated because even your hair will lack in moisture and will become brittle and certainly break off.

If you are not a fan of drinking those eight glasses of water a day, start by four glasses and go up to six then eight by day three but even if you end at six glasses a day, that should suffice. Once you are used to it, it becomes your second nature to always move around with a water bottle in case you become thirsty while driving or walking to the office, college or shops, which you will because your body gets used to be replenished often.

So next time when you feel thirsty, reach out for the water first before that cola can or fruit juice because your body is only asking for WATER.






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