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Structure of the Hair Follicle

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Hair follicle

Let’s have a look at the structure of our hair from its follicle. As shown in the diagram,the hair follicle is the sac-like anatomical structure from which hair grows. It comprises of the,

  • Sebaceous gland – the gland that secretes sebum which lubricates or oils the skin and hair shaft.
  • Arrector pili muscle – muscle which elevates the hair shaft
  • Root of hair – part of the hair implanted in the dermis
  • Papilla also known as the dermis papilla – part of the hair at the base of the hair follicle connected to the blood stream which carries nourishment for hair growth.
  • Connective tissue sheath – girdle enclosing the epithelial sheath and connecting to the conjunctival tissue
  • Epidermis – outer layer of the skin or scalp
  • Hair shaft – the filament that grows from the skin that we call hair

I hope this will help us to understand where our hair comes from as it grows out of the scalp.

Take care!!!!!!

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Nyasha Yvonne Jiri 15 October 2012 - 22:35

Any ideas about effective but easy to do trimming for split ends? Most of the stuff I have seen on YT kinda requires hair to be long enough to bring to the front so you can see what you’re doing. Unfortunately cant do that with all of my hair, especially that at the crown of my head.

Ruth Mafupa 16 October 2012 - 12:40

If your hair is too short and you feel you need your ends trimmed, I am afraid you have to entrust someone to do it for you. You may go to the saloon or get a friend to help. Explain exactly what you want done and how much you want to be trimmed so that there are no surprises for you when the task is finished. Good luck

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