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Frizz! Eish I can’t

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa


Hey loves. I hope you are well. It has been a while since I posted. Believe me, I’ve got a lot that I’d love to share with you but the time to sit and write is what I’m short of. Life is what’s happening here, otherwise I’m well and all is well.

You probably noticed that I don’t keep hairstyles in for too long and you may think it’s my “hands-in-hair” syndrome at play. Which is probably true but what is also true is that, my hair is so prone to frizz it’s not even funny.

There are hairstyles that some people easily go 4 weeks in and I can’t even do full 2 weeks without looking crazy, I promise. And to be honest with you, most of the photos of hairstyles that I post here or on social media, have to be taken the very first day to make sure the hairstyle is still intact. By second day, my hair looks like it was done two weeks ago and by the time I have had the hairstyle in for a week, then it looks like a whole month. and by two weeks, it’s like I have had it in for way too long and I need to take it down. Sisters be eyeing me like “it’s about that time sis”

So I have stayed away from cornrows, micro braids, micro twists and other hairstyles that take too long to do and undo because the effort does not equal the amount of time that I can keep my hairstyle in. It’s just not worth it.

What causes the frizz?

It is combination of factors that creates the frizz madness on my hair and this is what I think

  • I have to wash my hair every week even when in a protective style. That’s a must or else I will scratch myself mad. Not sure if this is just in my mind. So after a wash, my hair looks way frizzy than before the wash. This is normal right?
  • My hairline is full but not a clear cut hairline. I hope you understand what I mean. The hair around my hairline is not exactly all baby hair neither is it full strength hair that grows long. It’s just there. It’s thin and slippery such that any protective hairstyle doesn’t really hold for long. So this is what starts looking ugly and frizzy first before the rest of the hair. And because it’s right there in front, anyone is bound to notice it and the whole style looks way too old.
  • The texture of my hair is just prone to frizz. I do all the keeping my hands off it, sleeping in a satin scarf, moisturising everyday and I have even tried applying gel to keep the frizz down but all my efforts only keep it down for a very short while and my styles look so old you would be asking me to take it down as well if you saw me after 2 weeks.

What I am doing to deal with the frizz 

Because I can’t do without protective styles, I have to major in short term protective styling like buns, tucked updo’s, medium twists and other hairstyles that I know do not take too long to install and take down. I have also been using full wigs and head scarfs when my styles are old to keep from manipulating my hair too soon. Wigs and scarfs are so liberating especially on busy days when I don’t have time to be doing hair.

Natural hair: Twist out in a sock bun

Natural hair: Twist out in a sock bun

African Threading on Natural hair

African Threading on Natural hair. When this styles gets old, I simply cover it up with a wig or a head scarf

Flat Twist & Bun on Natural hair.

Flat Twist & Bun on Natural hair. My go to style when my hair is in a twist or braid out

Does your hair frizz a lot? How do you tame it or deal with it when your hair is in protective styles? Please help a sister out. I will really appreciate it.

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