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Meeting the Harare Naturals

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa













As much as I wanted to come back to Johannesburg and pen down how the Harare Natural Hair Event went, I simply could not due the huge work back log that I had to deal with. Although I could access my email most of the time for the week that I was in Harare, somehow I tended to put most things off until I got back to the office. My mind was just not up to it and some things I needed to check before replying back. So here I come. Late I know but here it is.

I drove from Johannesburg to Harare on the 2nd of July and got there around 9 p.m. The meet up was on the 4th so we had a day to kind of rest and also pull the loose strings together. On the day, there was a planned water cut in Harare for maintenance purposes but that did not stop anything. Life went on just as usual. I noticed that, most households, (we had the event at a house) have large water containers to store water in case of an outage. At the house we were at, they actually have a big tank so all was well with our guests.

I still refuse to accept being late for an event is an African thing but yeah, guests only started coming in an hour late. So that meant starting late. The event topics discussed were:

09:00                           Arrival and registration/tea

09:30                           Welcoming note

10:00                           The science of black hair

10:30                           Break

10:50                           How to build a hair regimen

11:20                           Restoring your hairline

11:30                           Q & A

The welcoming note was by Natural Moisture’s Harare Distributor, Margreth Chakuzira then followed by yours truly on the science of black hair. We decided not have a tea break in between since we were behind schedule already. How to build a hair regimen was handled well by Sheila Murimoga, a long time friend of mine, and then I went on to beg people to stop pulling their hair lines first and foremost before we can even start talking about restoring them.  We had a Q & A session where I explained most things I know about hair care including how to do a wash a go, the uses of clay and when to do a moisture treatment and when to do a protein treatment. I even challenged one of the attendees,  that I could style her hair without the need to comb it and did two styles, one of each I managed to get a clip of it and have uploaded on You Tube for you and is also linked below.

Tea was served whilst we networked and those who needed to ask me more private questions had an opportunity. The crowd was not much but we had quality time together. I was quite humbled with how attentive the attendees were and some were taking down notes. It was time well spent and although I was tired from the driving, it was all worth it. I had a great time at the event and also a chance to see friends and relatives which all made my heart warm. A big thank you to the Natural Moisture team for working so hard to make this meet up happen and especially our host, Margreth Chakuzira. An even bigger thank you to the attendees for without you, there would be no meet up.

Natural Moisture had the full range of products on display and for sale on the day including some henna powder (Lawsonia inermis) and indigo specially requested by some naturals.


And some pictures.

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Nancy 8 August 2015 - 15:03

Hi Ruth. I have to say I really like this post. It just reminded me the importance of small beginnings. Keep on doing what you do. God Bless….

Leslie 14 August 2015 - 10:13

I laughed at the background comments. It’s wonderful to teach other people alternative ways of caring for our God given hair.

Ruth Mafupa 14 August 2015 - 15:11

Hilarious. A good laugh indeed for Shona speakers

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