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Deep Conditioning On The Go

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

Do you often find yourself short of time to give your hair some deep conditioning love, there are several ways you can deep condition your hair on the go without eating up too much of your precious time. For all the methods, you will use the bagging method or greenhouse effect to deep condition your hair before washing it.  Here are some ways to deep condition your hair on the go.

Jogging and Deep conditioning

This is my favourite especially when I wash my hair on Saturday mornings. I apply the deep conditioner onto my hair then place a plastic cap on and then a head band round my hair line to catch any product that may want to run down my face and neck. I then wear a cap on top of the plastic cap and I hit the road. When I am finished, the heat from the sweating while jogging is trapped inside my plastic cap and it does wonders for my hair. It is really time effective because after jogging, I will want to shower anyway and I can wash my hair at the same time and by then my hair is thoroughly conditioned and ready to be washed.

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Overnight Express

This is when you apply your deep conditioner to you hair, wear a plastic cap and then a satin bonnet or scarf on top and go to sleep to let the deep conditioner do its work overnight. When you wake up the next day, you can wash your hair while taking your morning shower since you would have already deep conditioned it. This cuts back on time when washing your hair and gives you the maximum time deep conditioning your hair.

Busy busy today

So you happen to be busy today. Whether you will be indoors and doing all the things that must be done or you will be running errands, that should not hinder you from giving your hair some deep conditioning love. You still can do it. This is how. You apply the deep conditioner to your hair and then wear a plastic cap. Wear a head band to catch any dripping conditioner. You can then tie a scarf of your choice on top of the plastic cap in a stylish way, preferably a scarf that blends in well with what you are wearing. If you feel a scarf is not your style, then wear a stylish cap or hat and go and do your shopping. If that is not for you still, invest in a wig. It will save the day in this case and on other rainy days as well. As long as it does not become an addiction.

These are all great ways to deep condition your hair without any down time and they work so wonderfully for a busy mum like me who also does not own a hair steamer. These methods can also be used for hot oil treatments. So you see, you can cheat on time as far as taking care of your hair is concerned and everyone will think you spent the whole day washing your hair when you tell them your washing regimen.

Did you find this post helpful? Go on share it with friends and family. But, what I want to know from you is how you are going to cut back on time when washing your hair if you are not already doing it. Sharing is caring and your methods may save someone’s day. Please share in the comments below.

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Tyarah 12 May 2014 - 10:52

I usually pre-poo over night! I think I will take some of your tips when I have to deep condition. What I did recently was to detangle before wash day, and it saved me a lot of time washing my hair. I am currently detangling and removing whatever shed hair that is there when I moisturise my hair during the week so that I keep my hair tangle free and when I wash I don’t spend a lot of time detangling. Detangling my 4c hair takes a lot of time during wash days, so I’m trying to find ways of reducing this time as much as possible.

Ruth Mafupa 12 May 2014 - 11:36

Thanks for sharing Tyarah

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