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Yoghurt and Honey for Hair

by Evenes Ruth Mafupa

On Saturday, 16th of March, I did a yoghurt and honey deep condition to my hair. Why I did it? Well, I saw it, though not for the first time, recently on one of the blogs I am subscribed to and thought to give it a try. Knowing the benefits of yoghurt and honey, I thought, chances of the mixture causing drastic damage to my scalp or hair were small, and that’s why I love natural products. Most of them do not have adverse side effects and my rule of thumb is, if I can eat it, I can apply it on my body or hair. Considering I can eat yoghurt and honey, separately though, and the multitudes of benefits yoghurt and honey have on hair as individuals made me even more eager to try this natural conditioner. Actually, after mixing the yoghurt and honey for my hair, I asked my two sons to taste, which they hesitated at first especially the older one but once they put it on their tongue, they kept coming back for more and I had to evacuate my mixture to the bathroom from the danger of ultimate consumption and I would not have any for my hair.

I whipped 3 tbs of double cream Greek yoghurt with 2 tbs of pure honey in a bowl and after shampooing my hair, applied the mixture to my hair while it was still damp but not dripping wet. I left it on my hair for about 10 minutes and by then the mixture was dripping down my face so I had to wash it off. After rinsing, I conditioned my hair with my regular conditioner, bloated excess water using a t-shirt and did twists to stretch my hair and that was all. For twisting I used my regular conditioner which I use as a leave-in and my whipped Shea butter.

I love how my hair feels and I noticed that I do not have any flaking or dandruff on my scalp and since these are part of the benefits of using yoghurt on hair, I’m hooked. I will use it again and the next time I may try a different recipe as well like adding olive oil, jojoba oil or egg. When I do it that way I will let you know how it goes. Let me also mention that my hair has been able to hold on to a twist out since Saturday and I’m writing this post on Tuesday without having to re-twist at night which is quite good. Wonder why it took me this long to try it but will surely do it again.

Day three twist-out

Day three twist-out

Day three

Day three

Till then, stay blessed.

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Nompumelelo M. 11 April 2013 - 19:11

hey, where do you buy yooour whipped shea butter?

Ruth Mafupa 12 April 2013 - 06:45

Hey Nompumelelo! I used to be in your position, as in but where can I get Shea Butter. It is for this cause that Natural Sisters decided to start selling Shea butter to people like you. However, the online shop is still under construction so if you need some, please inbox us on admin@naturalsisters.co.za or just comment on this and say you need some and we will contact you. Much love

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